This week we reflected on the meaning of ANZAC. We watched a video summarising the causes of World War I, as well as two BTN episodes explaining the ANZAC tradition and importance.

In pairs, the students researched the lives of many different ANZAC soldiers on the Australian War Memorial website. They wrote summaries of the soldiers’ lives in a post on their blogs, before answering their choice of three questions about their respective soldier’s experience.

Private Emaniol Salikis from the 5th Battalion, East Melbourne. (Photo from Australian War Memorial website)

At the end of the day today, we shared some insights and wonderings about the students’ research. Through this exercise, we connected with the lives of the ANZAC soldiers and reflected upon the fact that the ANZAC stories are more than a historical exercise we carry out in schools once a year; they are about real people who experienced tremendous events in their lifetime, people to whom we should show respect and gratitude.

Our Captains, Rachel Mitchell and Bradley Walkom, will be representing our school on 25th April at the Dawn Service on ANZAC Day.

The Flanders poppy has long been a part of Remembrance Day, and is increasingly being used as part of ANZAC day observances. In class today, we discussed the symbolism of the poppy before conducting an art activity. The students each perfected an observational drawing of a poppy on an A4 sheet of art paper. We then proceeded to cut our drawings into quarters before re-arranging them in an abstract fashion on the classroom back wall.