Today was the concluding activity for the 6/7’s chemistry unit of work on mixtures and solutions. The students were presented with a surprise Crime Scene Investigation, during which they got to use their newly acquired knowledge and skills related to separation techniques of mixtures and solutions.

The first activity was a cryptogram, which the children worked hard to crack in their teams of three.

The following missions involved students using practical techniques of separation, as well as solving tasks related to the classification of matter.

One of the favourite stations was number 7, when the teams of investigators were finally allowed on the crime scene itself to scrutinise some of the clues left behind by the culprit…

In the end, our sagacious investigators unmasked the perpetrator, who was none other than the infamous Cruella De Vil!

“You’ll never catch me!” she said… well, that was before the Mil Lel kids were called to the case!