On Friday 31st May, 6 students from the 6/7 class attended a Computer Technologies day organised by Grant High School. Along with many other schools from the district, our students participated in technology challenges in the areas of 3D Printing and programming.

The students had the opportunity to videoconference with a staff member from Google who shared his experience with us: what he studied at University, his areas of interest, how he ended up working at Google and what it is like working there.

After this, the students worked on a challenge to design a chess pawn piece using Tinkercad, a free 3D printing software that works exactly like the softwares professional designers use, but is slightly less complex.

Once their challenge was completed, teams received some Google sunglasses and USBs to keep.

In the afternoon, students moved on to programming challenges in Scratch. We learnt that High School students up to Year 9 and 10 still use the Scratch software, which was great to hear, as we use this very same software at school to prepare our students for their Digital Technologies learning.

Now that our 6 ambassadors are trained in some new skills, they are going to be sharing them with the rest of their peers at school. A competition is about to open, with many prizes given by Uni SA: all universities are very keen to encourage students – and especially girls – to enter Computer Science Studies after Year 12, as this is an area of skills that will continue to grow and be in high demand in the future. Currently, there are not enough professionals who possess these skills.

The competition terms are very flexible and students can choose to enter individually or as a team. They can also choose whether to work on a 3D Printing entry or a programming entry. Our class is looking forward to this exciting challenge!