Dear Parents and Caregivers,

On Thursday 14th March, our 4/5 and 6/7 classes will receive some information sessions about eSafety (how to be safe online) provided by local police officer Stephanie Rickard, in the context of the “Think U Know” program.

4/5 class topics that will be discussed with the students are:

Students will learn about how the internet is used, why unidentifiable usernames and passwords are essential to maintaining privacy and security and why adult supervision and permission is important before signing up to apps and websites. There will be conversations around online gaming, cyberbullying, respectful language and talking to people online. Along with this, the session will also cover safe searching and what help is available.

6/7 class topics that will be discussed with the students are:

Students in this age group will have a session building on concepts of technology and online safety. Discussions will be held around usernames, passwords and privacy settings when using websites and apps. Further to this, students will learn about true and false information, safe searching and staying safe while using instant messaging. The presenter will also speak about sharing images or videos and what information can be gathered from these. Online gaming, staying safe when playing online games, cyberbullying and what help is available to students to support them staying safe online will also be discussed.

If you have any questions about this activity, or would prefer for your child to not attend this session, please contact their class teacher. 

Another session will be organised at a later stage for the 2/3 and F/1 classes. Depending on parental interest, the school may also organise a parent information session in the future.