In Science this term, the 6/7 class is investigating the mechanisms behind phenomena such as day and night, seasons and eclipses.

As part of this process, you will notice that our classroom’s windows are sometimes blocked with black plastic. This helps us create as dark an environment as we can in which to use our model Suns, Earths and Moons.

One question we posed last week was, “Which way does the Earth spin on its axis: clockwise or counter-clockwise?” After some thinking, all students proposed that the Earth spins in a clockwise fashion.

Asked to prove their hypothesis, the children used their model Suns and Earths in small groups, and eventually changed their minds. One group’s idea to include a representation of both Australia and New Zealand on their Earth proved very useful: they were able to clearly show that indeed, New Zealand experiences day time earlier than Australia, but only if the Earth spins counter-clockwise.