The Foundation and Year 1/2 classes had such a great time on our excursion on Wednesday.

We looked through the back of the Post Office and posted letters at the post office, we are wondering how long it will take them to arrive back at school.

After some excitement of seeing the Fire Station in action as they all went off to an emergency, we had to delay our visit and only managed a short but very fun time at the fire station. However, children and Miss Teakle were able to use the fire hose to knock over a cone, it was very powerful and watched Mrs Crowe go up very high in the crane, and then get sprayed by the water coming from the top of the crane.

The Police station was very interesting as well. We looked through the back area and saw all the cameras around Mount Gambier, where the equipment is kept, the holding cells, finger print machine, and we even got to sit in the Police Car!

We are very grateful to all the services for allowing us to come and visit, and find out how they all help our community.

It was a very fun day!