Our science learning is focused around our impact on the environment and how we can help the environment.

We talked about Clean Up Australia Day and its importance and then discussed why having so much rubbish is a problem. Some reasons the class thought of are: animals could die if the rubbish gets in the oceans, birds could get sick if they eat the rubbish, trees might die because the ground is dirty, the rubbish smells really bad, our pets could get sick if they eat plastic.

Yesterday we sorted our classroom rubbish bin. The bin was full after lunch! We discovered that we had lots of food waste, soft plastic, hard plastic and cardboard that didn’t need to go to the land fill.

Today we spoke about what we could do to help reduce the amount of rubbish our class is sending to the landfill. We all came up with different solution ideas to try. In the coming weeks, we will explore how to make our ideas happen and aim to reduce our rubbish and help the environment.


The children were very interested in the impact rubbish has to animals in the ocean. So we decided to all place a piece of rubbish in a bucket of water and we will observe what happens to the water.