This week is Safer Internet Week, an initiative organised by eSafety, an Australian Government agency set up to help protect Australian citizens online. Starting on Monday 8/2, the office of the eSafety Commissioner offered free webinars and today the 6/7 participated in the interactive presentation “Fake News, Real Harms”. The 4/5 class will also take part in this presentation on Monday 15/2.

50 other classrooms joined us for the interactive webinar, during which information was presented about fake news:

  • Who creates fake news and why?
  • How to identify fake information
  • What to do (and not to do) when we are presented with fake news.

Our class had the opportunity to take part in a survey and we discovered that 57% of our students had encountered fake websites online. Strategies to recognise fake news were presented and discussed with us. We practised our newfound skills through interactive exercises during the presentation.

The eSafety agency offers information for children and families and can provide much support in resolving issues that occur online. The pic below is linked to the children’s page on the eSafety website:

Parents can access informative webinars at this link:

In March, we will be participating in another webinar titled “Being A Bystander”, which will explore the ways students can help fight bullying online by being good supports to their friends.