Miss Dieu and Mrs Pratt have started a vegie garden at the Community Gardens near Reidy Park Primary School. After getting their plot ready last weekend, they asked the students to help them plan for it by designing garden plans, taking into account specific plants’ spacing requirements.

The students were given total control over their problem-solving process. All opted to create a life-sized representation of the garden plot, using either chalk outside or masking tape inside. The work took place over two full-days, during which the students worked through their assignment with enthusiasm and a high-level of interest.

After creating their life-sized plan, students had to convert it to a scaled drawing that would fit on an A4 sheet of graph paper. Once that was done, they were asked to work out what fraction of the whole garden each vegetable section represented.  Year 7s in addition had to convert these fractions to decimals, then percentages.

The students had a wonderful time and really enjoyed getting hands-on practice for the Maths concepts they are developing daily in the classroom. Concepts and skills practised here included problem-solving, teamwork, measuring with accuracy, calculating area and perimeter, converting between units of measurement, understanding and applying ratio, determining fractions of a quantity, making links and converting between fractions, decimals and percentages, estimating and double-checking.

Thank you for your help, dear students, and we are looking forward to planting our seedlings on Sunday and showing you the result!