Twice a year, the CSIRO run the “BEBRAS Challenge”, a computational thinking challenge that provides opportunities for students to develop their problem-solving skills.

Computational Thinking is one of the essential skills our students will require for their jobs in the future. It is a skill used in many disciplines such as The Humanities, Engineering, Maths and Science. Fostering this skill in our students also helps them becoming creators (rather than just consumers) of technology.

This year again, the 6/7 class has teamed up with the 2/3 class to mentor the younger students in this important type of thinking. The 2/3s went through a past challenge with the support and guidance of the 6/7s. The challenge is about students using their logical thinking skills in a step-by-step manner in order to solve problems. Cooperation and discussion are encouraged (in fact, the challenge is usually taken in pairs, so that children may brainstorm situations together).

Everyone had a great time today. Some comments from the 2/3 class were:

“I really enjoyed challenging myself.”

“Working alongside the 6/7s was great!”

Everyone is excited about taking the challenge online next week. It should be fantastic beaver fun again!