The Year 4/5 class have enjoyed our two weeks of swimming, but it will be great to get back to normal next week!

“Move It” starts next Monday, with each class spending half an hour with a dance instructor learning a performance, to be performed at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre next term.

Tomorrow (Fri Week 5) is Clean Up Australia Day, our class will be cleaning the cricket oval and the near side of Sherwin Rd. Gloves provided for safety and hygiene. This will happen at 9am to avoid the worst part of the heat.

We continue our big focus on reading, which involves a daily routine of the Daily Five – read to self, read to someone, listen to reading, comprehension and word work. Our main focus has been on comprehension and inferring, which is when as a reader we “read between the lines”. As an example, if I told you that the character pulled his jacket tighter to him and shivered, you would infer that it was cold.

In Numeracy we have been focusing on place value. Next week we start a Problem Based Learning Project :Lemonade Stand. This covers a lot of work on fractions and decimals, and also teaches the fundamentals of the business model.


PE has us practicing madly for sports day! We’re excited!