Measuring the stretch of lolly snakes


  1. Use a ruler to measure in cm and mm
  2. Compare measurements
  3. Discuss our thinking

Today in the 4/5 class we have been exploring measurement using snakes. Students had to draw the actual size of a snake and measure it using cm and mm. Then we had to stretch the snake as far as we could and record both measurements again. Students worked out that every  1 cm was 10 mm.

Using the second snake we recorded the length of the stretch after leaving it for 3 seconds. Students worked out that in the three seconds the snake started to shrink back to size, so the stretch for this measurement was much smaller compared to our first stretch.

Student Reflections

  • “We learned if you stretch it too far the snake will snap.” Caitlin
  • “Today I learned how long a lolly snake is in cm and mm.” Zara
  • “That you can measure in both mm and cm.” Edison
  • “You can stretch a snake and measure in cm and mm.” Jorja & Jemima
  • “You can add cm up to be mm and 4 cm would be 40 mm.” Acie
  • “If it’s 7cm it would be 70mm.” Monique
  • “If you leave a snake after stretching it for 3 seconds- it shrunk far more than I expected.” Phoenix