Good afternoon, Mil Lel Primary School families,
Thank you to the 9 families who have so far completed the “Parent Opinion Survey” for 20201
Across the state 16,000 families have responded, so far we have had a positive response, I would like your help to make it even better!
Let’s see if we can make our school the first one to get 100% replies and have one of the best return rates in our partnership!
This feedback allows the Governing Council and myself to form targeted goals to approach the department and local leadership to continue to grow our school and obtain
resources for our students to continue to increase their learning experiences.
Your feedback is appreciated. 🙂

I have attached the link below for your reference if you have misplaced the link that was sent to you.

Please come in and see me if you have any questions or if you would like a device to complete the survey – I will be only too happy to assist you!

kind regards