Our class is participating in a global project with other classes from Poland, Lesotho, Russia, America and Indonesia. Together, we are recreating Ancient Greek scientist Aritosthenes’s experiment through which he was able to accurately calculate the circumference of the Earth using shadow measurements, his knowledge of geometry and a very logical mind. This occured some 2,280 years ago, long before any circumnavigation of the globe…

To calculate the circumference on the Earth, we depended upon a very important measurement: the length of the shadow of a meter stick, measured at precisely Solar noon on the day of the Equinox (plus or minus a day). The 20th and 21st of March were very cloudy days, and this meant that the measurement HAD to be done on March 22nd, which happened to be our Sports Day!

Luckily, the 6/7 students acted very professionally and were happy to give up some family time in order to measure the shadows at exactly 1:13pm.

We look forward to performing the Maths next week to calculate the Earth circumference, and to see how accurate we are!