Good evening Mil Lel School Community,
Today, all staff used the “Pupil Free Day” to plan and move to “ONLINE LEARNING”.
Thank you to everyone who I spoke with yesterday, this has allowed us to plan and have enough staff on site to supervise the studernts during the next few days.
Tomorrow we all move into an “ONLINE LEARNING” mode with all students at home acessing their learning via either Seesaw, Class Dojo, Google Docs or email.
Any students at school will be completing the same learning tasks but on paper and with some more support.
All learning during this time is important!
Please know that any learning that the students do will be required to be submitted as it will be evidence of their acheivement during this time.
Today, some staff made contact with their students and some posted “check in”activities to see if they were accessing their learning online and if they had any trouble.
Please contact us at any stage during the “LOCKDOWN” either via email or by phone and if you are having any trouble, or require a “HOME LEARNING PACK” to be copied, all you need to do is askl.
We are here to support you and your children during this time and their well being, and yours is important.
Take care, stay safe and we will see you all next week – it is very quiet here and we miss you already.
Kind regards
Tamarin and staff x