Please respond by Wednesday 31/7 to the survey regarding funding for a Pastoral Care Worker 2020 – 2022

Without our school community endorsing the position, we will not receive funding beyond this year.

Pastoral Care Worker Survey
Our school has the opportunity to apply for further funding to employ a person in the capacity of a Pastoral Care Worker for the next 3 years. The funding for this program is provided under the National School Chaplaincy Program. A key part of the application process is for the school community to support the presence of this role within the school. Therefore, after reading the information below, we require families to return respond to the survey by Wednesday 31/7 to indicate if you support this position or not.

Overview of the National School Chaplaincy Program
The National School Chaplaincy Program aims to support schools in promoting the wellbeing of students by providing funds that contribute to the maintenance of Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) services in the school. The following general principles apply to the program:
• The anticipated role of the Pastoral Care Worker at Mil Lel will be to support the school’s SRC, run play time activities and assist with class activities.
• Permission will be sought from all families prior to students working with the PCW.
• Participation by parents and students in PCW activities is voluntary.

What are the academic qualifications required of Pastoral Care Workers?
To be employed in schools, the Pastoral Care Worker must have the following minimum qualifications:
• a current WWCC – Working with Children Check
• current Responding to Abuse and Neglect Training – Education and Care
• a Certificate IV in Youth Work, or
• a Certificate IV in Pastoral Care, or
• an equivalent qualification which must include competencies in 'mental health' and 'making appropriate referrals'.

If you have any queries about this program please contact me at school.



I support the school submitting an application to receive funding for this role in 2020 - 2022