We had an amazing day yesterday at Mount Gambier High School for SAPSASA Athletics Day. The weather was kind to us and the kids enjoyed their events and got some amazing results.

32 students from Mil Lel attended with Mrs Schutz and Mrs Jones, together with a plethora of parent helpers and supporters. Thank you to those who helped transport children, and especially to Loretta Hayman for bringing our shelter!

Some news from the students:

Aynslee – 1st in the 100m, 3rds in high-jump, long-jump and 800m

Alice – 4th in discus

Jobe – enjoyed discus

Caelin – enjoyed long-jump

Eamon – favourite event was running and felt that he did well

Jakob – 4th in long-jump

Jorja – 1st in long-jump, 2nds in 100m, 200m, 800m

Sarah – 4th in 100m

Matilda – participated in 100m

Oliver – favourite event was the 200m

Samuel – 3rd in long-jump

Jemima – 3rd in 800m

Mia – 4th in shot-put

Eliza – 4ths in long-jump, discus and 100m

Evan – 4ths in high-jump, long-jump and shot-put, 3rd in discus

Cody – 1st in his 100m and 200m heats, came 4th in the 200m final

Phoenix – 4ths in shot-put and discus

Henry – favourite event was the 800m

Cooper – participated in the 800m

Evie – participated in the 100m

Shaylah – 2nd in shot-put

Kimberly – favourite event was the discus

Bradley – 3rd in 200m

Brock – favourite event was the 200m

Amalia – participated in the 100m

Zac – favourite event was the discus

Rachel – favourite event was the long-jump

Pattrick – favourite event was the high-jump

Jayden – favourite event was the long-jump

Izzy – favourite event was the discus

Macy – participated in the shot-put and said it went well

Elwood 1st in discus and 3rd in shot-put

We were so proud of the way in which our students conducted themselves on the day, in the attitude towards having a go, in the manner in which they supported each other and in their general good behaviour. They deserve to feel very proud.