From our Pastoral Care Work, Belinda Tilley.

Kids really are like sponges, absorbing the energy and adopting the behaviours around them.

One of the most helpful things you can do is model calm, confident behaviour, particularly while helping a child get ready for school.

A child usually starts school no calmer than his/her least-relaxed parent.

As a parent, you can ease your child’s anxiety about returning to school by modelling confident and calm behaviour yourself as well as by creating some structure in family life.

Provide routines for mealtime, homework, daily jobs and bedtimes this will help your child to adjust to the expectations and experiences of routine in school along with giving your home a calmer more regulated sense of flow.

Source: Child Mind Institute.

•  If you need some support with developing this in your family life or you have any concerns about your child’s confidence about coming & being at school please contact Belinda Tilley our Pastoral Care Worker (In school Thursday’s and Fridays) or talk to your child’s class teacher