Classroom Exhibition
Today the 4/5 and 6/7 students held their classroom exhibitions showcasing their Vincent Van Gogh Art recreations. The 4/5 class focused on the piece Sunflowers, while the 6/7 class recreated Starry Night. The other classes got to walk through and see the art pieces and students were able to share their art reflections.

Online Exhibition
Parents and students can access the online gallery at the following link:
Please note as there is a large quantity of art pieces they are spread across multiple rooms. Most pieces are located in the main area, however there are art pieces upstairs in both rooms and in the welcome room. You may click on the images to find out the artist of the piece. Year 6/7 students also have their art reflection when you click onto it.

Students have worked really hard on these Art pieces.

-Alicia Sutherland & Michelle Schutz