We have all enjoyed our swimming lessons this week. All children have done a wonderful job listening to their swimming teachers, learning swimming skills and having fun in the pool.

Our sound and letter knowledge is increasing as we continue to add a new letter/sound each day, and practise blending and segmenting to make words to write and read. We also consolidate the sound/letters we have learnt through literacy groups.

In book making we continue to work on putting writing and pictures in our books. We also made a list of things authors write about. We made our list into an ‘ideas book’ to help us when we don’t know what to write about. We use our alphabet sound and digraph cards to help with our spelling of words.

We continue to read with our Year 4/5 buddies, read to each other, reading with a teacher or SSO and participate in guided reading focusing on specific reading skills for each group. We have been looking at reading strategies focusing on decoding words, as well as re-telling and comprehending what we read. We are always looking for volunteers to listen to children read. We currently have no volunteers in the morning listening to groups of children read. If you are available to stay to listen to a group or more children read, this would be greatly appreciated. The classroom opens at 8:40am, you are welcome to start listening to reading from that time until a time that suits you. Thank you.

In Maths we are exploring numbers. We are now up to day 23 of school! We are also working on subitising numbers to ten, ordering numbers, counting collections and writing numbers correctly.

We would like to send a huge “Thank you” to all the families who have helped cover the new books. We are waiting on more contact to arrive to be able to finish the rest of the books. If you are still able to help, I will let you know when the contact has arrived and is cut ready to be sent home.

Please enjoy the photos of our literacy learning, number learning and swimming on following posts.

A few reminders about the up coming weeks:

Monday 4th March Assembly 3pm
Friday 8th March Student Free Day
Monday 11th March Public Holiday
Friday 22nd March Mil Lel Sports Day
Friday 29th March Small Schools Sports Day