Today we went on an excursion to the Millicent Museum to see real life examples of how transport and technology have changed over time, as we are learning about that at the moment for HASS. The children really enjoyed it there and had lots of interesting and thoughtful questions for Chris who gave us a tour. It was lovely to get an email from him to the school later to say how well-behaved the children were.

Chris, our tour guide, talking to the children before our tour began

One of the many wagons that we saw. We found out that wagons have four wheels and carts have two wheels.

Queen Elizabeth rode in this carriage when she visited Adelaide in 1983

This is a replica of a woodworking studio where people made wooden wagon wheels

This is an old fire wagon!

A hearse

The children were fascinated by the stuffed animals!

An old sitting room (above) and a kitchen (below)

This is a still-working Blacksmith’s ‘shop’. Museum staff still use it when they need to do maintenance work on the wagons.

A salvaged anchor from a shipwrecked ship that shipwrecked nearby.

A real-life message in a bottle written by someone from a YMCA.

Bones from the spine of a whale

This is the ‘elephant wagon’. At the back there is a very low step that an elephant was able to use to get on the wagon when it arrived by ship at Port Adelaide. It was then transported on this wagon to the Adelaide Zoo.

This was the only telephone in Millicent at one stage. It was at the railway station.

We were allowed to board the steam train and make the train traffic lights light up.

A water wheel